A voluminous candy striped pillowcase

I ordered one more stretchy bargain jersey along with the two that I had ordered for Moneta Fail and Moneta Success.  This was the most spectacular yet. Oh yes: GIANT pink and white diagonal stripes.  It was in a gorgeously drapey polyester jersey that was made to be a maxi dress. Or at least in my world it was. Other people might not want to walk around looking like a giant candy cane, but I did.

It was however, quite a thin fabric, and I was a little nervous around it after the horrors of the orange moneta, so I chose the laziest option I could find. I actually had a proper simple maxi dress pattern in my stash, but the instructions said the pattern was ‘not suitable for obvious diagonals’. These diagonals were about as obvious as one could get, so I opted instead for this kind of non-pattern. As the author herself says, what you are essentially making here is a giant pillow case with arm and neck holes. As it’s in jersey, the seams aren’t even finished and there are no hems.  Crazy right?  Except being a bit anal at times, I did finish the seams, and attempt to hem things, which didn’t really help or do anything much,  but made me feel a little bit better.

Bad dodgy attempt at neckline hemming

Bad dodgy attempt at neckline hemming

It must be said, without a neat little curvy figure and a flattering angle, the thing can just look like a pillowcase. Look:

The pillowcase at its most pillowy

The pillowcase at its most pillowy

However, belts are a wonderful thing, and I copied Sweet Verbena, and voila! It looked a bit more maxidress, a bit less bedlinen.

Ta da! I almost have a waist...

Ta da! I almost have a waist…

I have worn this more than I thought I would, despite bad hemming, actual horrible faults on the fabric selvedge (that I couldn’t cut off because otherwise it wouldn’t be wide enough) and, well, the ostentatiousness of it, it is so darn comfy. The arm holes are a bit too big as well and you can see the side of my bra, but I just make sure I wear a nice bra as I waft around gloriously in it. As non-patterns using dodgy fabric go, this one is fun and simple and just brilliant to wear. You can knock one up in about 20 mins if you feel like it. Just maybe spend a pound or more on your fabric so you don’t have this weirdness that won’t wash out on your side seam.

Close up of fabric fault

Did someone spill acid on the roll? What is this? (Please excuse total lack of attempt to match stripes)

What’s the quickest or cheapest thing you have ever made?