Fame and Glory!


This is just a mini post to express my excitement at having a blog post published by the Curvy Sewing Collective! WHOOP! This blog actually came about because I entered a competition to win a Myrtle dress pattern by Collette (didn’t win, drat) and Jenny of Cashmerette  and founder member of the really marvellous CSC was so nice about my writing I thought I would give a blog a bash. I love writing, and have attempted blogs on other subjects before (my marathon in 2012 being the most successful, but which still didn’t really enthuse me enough to keep it going. I mean really, how much can you write about the horror that is running? By the end I just wanted to write IHATEITIHATEIT) but nothing has really stuck. I was a bit loathe to start a sewing blog because there are so many out there, but I realised I love reading all of them and another wouldn’t hurt. Plus it’s a nice record of all my efforts, even if no-one reads it.

So from writing a little bit in a competition about how sewing made me feel good about my body and annoyed at the fashion industry, my blog, and a blog post for CSC were born.

The post is here: Hope you enjoy it!