Spring sewing

Hello everyone,

This is a bit of a bonza blog entry because I have been making loads of things and entirely failing to blog about them. I do put lots of stuff up on my instagram, so do follow me there if you are so inclined. I’m sparkleface100.

So what have I made? Loads more stuff for others. I need to stop doing it and be more selfish! I need some warm weather clothes. And some more work clothes. However, I love all the things I have made. Especially things for babies. Babies really do get all the good stuff don’t they?

First up, not for babies, but also kind of for babies is a breastfeeding top for a dear friend. I used the Golden Rippy Cinnabar Sky pattern in a suitably baby sick coloured jersey. Its a very cute and easy to make pattern and though I am not breastfeeding, I think I will make a maxi dress version for myself. You can just sew up the gaps, and the ballerina style wrap top is very cute. Here is is, suitably functionally modelled!

wpid-wp-1430827966836.jpeg wpid-img_20150324_081818.jpg

Next up, a VERY jazzy outfit for the baby himself. This is in the same fabric I made husband’s t-shirt in: a super soft (and horrendous to sew) jersey. It’s a Simplicity Pattern I think, Β I will check the number if anyone needs it. I made a babygro and matching hat (not pictured). I think he is going to look very fancy. As as his grandfather said to me at his christening: no one will question who made it for him!


Finally I made the cutest T-shirt ever (if I do say so myself) for a second birthday present for an April (showers) born little boy. I used half a metre of amazing Kitschy Coo organic jersey, and I want to be able to fit into it myself. It’s dreamy, and was lovely to sew. Here we go!


In other news, as well as sewing things for Other People, I’ve been helping Other People sew things for themselves. My awesome friend Anna came round yesterday and made a very cute nautical woven t-shirt (New Look 6217: highly recommended as a beginner pattern) from scratch in three hours including tracing and cutting. I was so impressed. Anna can use a sewing machine and has done some alterations before, but had never made an item of clothing herself. And here she is sewing and modelling. I’m definitely going to make a few of these T-shirts myself.

wpid-wp-1430827870507.jpeg wpid-wp-1430827879196.jpeg

Time to stop appearing saintly.

Confession time: I have ENTIRELY failed to stick to my pledge to not buy any more fabrics. I decided I did not have nearly enough summery fabrics and have used this for justifying buying many more fabrics. I’m not buying at the same rate as I was last year, and I have been making some good inroads into my stash, but there is no denying it, I have entirely FAILED at my New Year’s resolution. But oh, oh oh, look at the pretty things I have bought of late.

Swoon (shamefacedly)

Swoon (shamefacedly)

Right. On that embarrassed note I shall love you and leave you. I have also made some lovely things for myself (using stash fabrics, yes!) that I shall post very soon. Until then, happy sewing xxx


19 thoughts on “Spring sewing

  1. Oh dear you did fail spectacularly on your pledge to not buy any more fabrics. But don’t worry, I have also failed! I cracked a couple of weeks ago.
    But I really especially love your little April showers t-shirt! How cute!!


  2. These fabrics are lovely definitely worth breaking any pledge haha! Love the scalloped one, I think I dreamt a similar fabric last night. I also bought a piece of fabric with swimmers on it and I remember I was dreaming of a skirt with waves to go with a top made out of it πŸ˜‰ The baby tee is so cute, I’m not surprised you want to fit in it.


  3. RASPBERRY FABRIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where did you get that?! πŸ˜€

    Love that you do so much for other people. I am entirely selfish. :/ I love the little shirt. That kitchy koo fabric is lovely. πŸ™‚


  4. OOOooh! Raspberries! Where did you get all that lovely stuff? I’m v impressed with the feeding top. The thought never crossed my mind when I needed one. Although, to be fair, sewing was the last thing on my mind!


  5. I tell myself all the time that I will not buy any more fabric until I make a big enough dent in my stash. I also fail at this. I believe it’s a sickness! The fabric speaks to us and tells us “if you don’t buy me now, you’ll regret it.” Or am I the only one that can hear fabric talk? LOL.

    It’s so nice of you to do some unselfish sewing! Everything came out great! I have to make a couple of things for friends but I keep putting it off because making things for me is a lot more fun. So, so bad!


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