I’m still here

Me on telly


I have fallen waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy behind with my blogging. Ordinary old Life has taken over, and the longer you stay away from the blog, the harder it is to get back into. Also, I really need to dust off the old husband photographer and get him to take some pictures of my new things. I also need to make some more things. But conveniently, I appear to have entirely run out of money two weeks into the month, so the rest of it will be spent indoors, eating gruel, and sewing my way through my stash and blogging about it. So watch this space…..

I hope you are all FINE and DANDY out there in the ether and that you have all the sunshine and all the sewjo wherever you are



7 thoughts on “I’m still here

  1. Yay, a Rosie post!!

    Totally feel you on getting photos–my husband is very willing to help me but usually I want nice, outdoor photos for FOs, which means waiting for agreeable weather. (And for my account at “Giveable Fucks Savings & Loan” to fill up, if we’re honest.) And why does money have to suck so much?!? Every time I get paid I feel like, “WOO HOO I CAN HAZ MONEY,” and then 20 minutes and all my electronic bill payments later, it’s gone. O_o


  2. Yes, how does that work? I am the same, completely skint. I usually get the the last week of the month at least. Must be all those January bills catching up. Still it is having the same effect on me and making me make do stuff with what I have. Wish I had someone to help me take photos. My daughter took the last lot and you would have though that I had just asked her to give up gaming for ever instead of 10 minutes she was that sulky. Never again. Really nice to have you back. xx


  3. All along I knew you were still sewing….but I did of course, miss you tons! You gotta live your life though. Your sewing enthusiasm inspires me Rosie, thank you so much!


  4. Nice to see you! Hope all is well (okay, except for the busyness and brokeness).

    I think photos are the hardest part of blogging . . . my partner is the only decent photographer in the house, but he’s always too busy. I’m working on my skills, but it is slow going. Sigh.


  5. Glad to hear you are still kicking. Can’t wait to see what you come up with from the stash! I think we have all been suffering from the Winter doldrums, and then on top of that when we do make something it is really hard to get photos in the Winter light!


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