Happy Christmas! (Yes I am this far behind with my blogging)



So Zo What Do You Know has a very strict rule about not apologising for not blogging for a while. She is quite right about this, as blogging is not a job, I’m not paid, and it’s supposed to be a fun and enjoyable hobby, not a chore. However, me being me, I feel bad. I know no one is hanging on to my every word, it’s not that, it’s just I started off so strong with lots of blogging and now I have stalled. It’s frustrating. But life really does get in the way, and I have been sooooo busy at work and at play. A Dry January didn’t slow me down one bit. And having little spare time, I have chosen to sew rather than blog. I have made lots and lots of things, and I will blog about them soon. I just need to get my husbandtographer to take some pictures in the two hours of daylight we get at weekends. And then sit down and write some accompanying twaddle.


In short, I have made a baby romper, a terrible second Blue Ginger Doll Violet that looks like a nightie, two Style Arc Rosie tops, 3 Colette Mabels, and I am working on some awesome Thread Theory Jedediahs for my husband. But the thing I did longest ago was to make my friend Anna a dress to wear to a winter wedding. Anna is an amazingly creative person who did all the decorations for our wedding.

Anna's decorations at our wedding. Photo by http://www.simondewey.co.uk/

Anna’s decorations at our wedding. Photo by http://www.simondewey.co.uk/

Anna was doing some more decorations for another friend’s wedding just before Christmas and asked me to make her a suitably festive dress to wear to it. I usually say no to requests like these as I don’t want to become a tailor, but I was very happy to give it a go for Anna. I warned her I was by no means pro yet, and she was happy with whatever I made. So much faith in me did she have that she asked me to have another go at making the Madonnatits dress.

Swit swoo

Swit swoo

Anna chose the fabrics and we did a fitting in muslin first and nipped it in at the waist and lowered the neckline. Oh and lowered the extremely indecent slit at the back. I managed to avoid the awful dart placements, and I think it turned out pretty damn ok.

A decent derriere

A decent derriere



As you can see (through the blurriness, sorry, this is what happens when I take the pictures instead of Robin!) it was made in quilting cotton so is pretty prone to creasing, but the golden snowflakes can’t be resisted.



I was so nervous making this, as it was FORMAL WEAR and really concentrated on sewing precisely and carefully. It as really good discipline for me and I was really pleased with the results. So was Anna, who got lots of compliments at the wedding. HOORAY!



13 thoughts on “Happy Christmas! (Yes I am this far behind with my blogging)

  1. My theory is if you’ve made a dress that looks like a nightie, then it’s a nightie and that’s what you planned in the first place. Done.

    You’ve sewn so many things! No wonder you’ve had no time for the blog – you’ve been busy being productive instead, which is a splendid thing. Speaking of splendid things: that dress is wonderful! You definitely did the sparkly stars proud.


  2. Your friend looks lovely in her dress. I love the fabric.

    I feel like I always lack blogging inspiration around this time of year. It’s probably because the lack of daylight makes it that much harder to get photos, but January and February always feel quiet and kind of boring to me and I find that I don’t have much to say, even if I’ve been making a lot of things. Blogs always seem to pick back up again once spring hits!


  3. Gosh, you’ve been busy!! So selfless, too–your friend looks adorable!

    BTW, it’s good to see you back! Every time I’d check my reader feed I’d be all, “Aww, no sparkleneedles posts?!? *sad face*” But I totally understand about life being ridiculous and blogging being a timesuck that must sometimes be sacrificed.

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