Miss Fat and Beautiful 1962

I’ve got lots of things coming up to blog about: I just need to get some  photos taken, and the ridiculous amount of darkness we have been plunged into is not conducive for lovely sunny bloggy photos.  But I have been making things! And I have a fancy new sewing area too. It looks so smart….

So for now I will just leave you with this fantastic film from 1962.


Let’s just take a moment to appreciate that young ‘plump and lovely’ women no longer have to dress like matron going to church.

And let’s also take a moment to reclaim the phrase plump and lovely.

I’m feeling pretty plump and lovely today: are you?

Ooh matron

Ooh matron

5 thoughts on “Miss Fat and Beautiful 1962

  1. I was going to answer your comment left on my blog (Bad ass scissors) but your e-mail/contact is missing. When I click your name, it leads me to your blog (wordpress).
    Pinking shears are old-fashioned finishing shears. It’s how I learned to finish my seams. The scissors cut a pinked -zigzag edge that keeps seams from fraying. Nowadys, I have my serger/overlocker. I also have scalloped scissors which cut ‘scallops’ . These are wonderfully sharp and will come in handy cutting wool felt with a nice decorative edge for christmas doodads.

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