Hoppalong Bloggily

And welcome to all the wonderful new people who came over from the wonderful Cashmerette‘s website. Jenny Cashmerette is my ultimate sewin’ and bloggin’ heroine and she nominated me for the Blog Hop that is doing the rounds. I would like to say where the blog hop started, but I have no idea. So let’s just pretend that we all know that already and move on swiftly. What I do know is that I have been enjoying all the blog hop posts recently, as I like reading about writing (meta!) as much as I like reading about sewing. It’s also quite interesting to hear a different voice from my favourite bloggers: one which expresses their personalities a bit more than is possible when describing seam finishes. Mind you, I’ve seen a lot of seam finishes with personality/passion/swearing in my short time in the sewing world.
ANYWAY. Let’s get to it.

Why do you write?
People have always said I am a good writer , but my main ‘writing’ these days takes place in the form of facebook statuses and policy documents. I’m the daughter of an English teacher and a journalist, so writing is in my veins, but I have never really found anything I wanted to write about very much. I started some truly dreadful novels when I was a teenager, wrote a blog about my torturous marathon training for a while, have contributed to lots and lots of pointless online discussion fora and wrote some pretty AWESOME dating profiles, but that’s about it. Nothing really  grabbed me. I knew I wanted to write about something, but I didn’t know what. And then I started sewing and found all the gazillions of hilarious sewing blogs and wonderful bloggers out there, and wanted to be one. I love the fact that a few months ago I was doing pretty much nothing creative, and now I am both sewing and writing regularly. THANK YOU SEWING!
Sewing Community: COME TO THE RESCUE!

Sewing Community: COME TO THE RESCUE!

I also write for the practical reason that as a beginner sewist, I really really need help.  Thankfully the online sewing community seems to be full of patient saints who give me the most helpful information. Honestly guys, you are all AMAZING and I am learning so much from all of you. I hope that my blog also gives some hope to fellow beginner sewists that things get better the more you practice. I have so so much to learn, but already I can look back at my blog and see how far I have come along. I hope that this will be encouraging to someone out there scratching their head and wondering how on earth they are supposed to tell the right side from the wrong side….
Blog sustenance

Blog sustenance

How do you write?
I sit on my bum, eat some jelly babies, drink some tea and type some words.  I don’t plan blog posts really: I just write up things I have made or thoughts that I have when I feel like it. I seem to feel like writing quite a lot. I make sure to take crappy cameraphone photos of my sewing in progress because everyone likes slightly grainy out of focus pictures of bad stitching and broken needles, right? And then when I have made a thing, I wheedle and whine at my husband to take some photos of me with the fancy camera. And then I sit down, moan about how bloody long it takes WordPress to upload photos, write a stream of nonsense conciousness and hit send triumphantly, before noticing all the typos and non-sequiturs I have left in there. And that’s me really.

How does your blog differ from others of its genre?
I’m not entirely sure what ‘genre’ my blog fits in: is it in the plus size genre, the beginners sewing genre, the weirdo genre? I’m not sure that it does differ wildly from other sewing blogs: what do you think readers? I think the one thing I do do is blog very much as myself, with no shame and a lot of enthusiasm. I like to show all my mistakes as I go along and definitely do not offer a polished final product! I like to try and make sewing interesting for as wide an audiences as possible, as my dad reads this blog and he knows nowt about sewing. I feel I should give him something back for his effort, so I write a bit about various things like politics and ethics as well as hemming techniques and fabric lust. Oh and everything I make is really colourful. You might have noticed.

What are you working on next?
Too many things, and I am stressed. Silly me. I’ve bough too many fabrics, and too many patterns recently, and now they are all lying in a massive heap OPPRESSING ME. I feel a huge pressure to try and plough through it all really quickly, which is taking the fun out of sewing a bit. I think what really needs to happen is for me to go to Ikea and buy some proper storage for this heap of goodness:
A section of the heap. There is more.

A section of the heap. There is more.

But I have some pretty good things coming up:

Another pair of crocodile dungarees for a friend’s kid

A Christmas themed Peter Pan collared shift dress for a friend to wear to a wedding. Look at the pretty fabric!

I wish these were for me

I wish these were for me

A Swoon scarf neck cardi for my Granny’s 93rd birthday in this awesome fabric:

Jazzy Granny Fabric

Jazzy Granny Fabric

And a red ponte Green Style Laurel for meeeee. HOORAY!

Who next?

I would like to nominate excellently-haired Mads from Life in a Mads House. She makes brilliant clothes, is super friendly and encouraging, is really honest about her trials and tribulations, and had just made this glorious crazy cat lady outfit:

Mads, crazy cats, the fringe, and a tree.

Mads, crazy cats, the fringe, and a tree.

Over to you Mads!

4 thoughts on “Hoppalong Bloggily

  1. Wonderful post! And yeah, running is just amazingly awful, but I would absolutely read about it if you were the one writing about it. I was really excited when Jenny nominated you for this blog hop–your personality really comes through in your blog (and you’re hilarious and endearing and honest, so that’s a good thing) and I’ve so enjoyed your blog from the first. This post was a lot of fun to read, and I am now also craving jelly beans. =)

    I am slightly horrified that of all the blogs on the internet, you nominated me! 😉 But I truly appreciate the kind words and sentiment, and will do my best not to f*ck it up. Which actually kind of describes my sewing/blogging anyway, LOL.


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