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Like the rest of the world, I am in love with Tilly Walnes. Isn’t she brilliant? Like, really clever and brilliant. And so kind for making sewing so easy and accessible. And stylish. And those dimples! I regularly read her blog and am eternally grateful for the clear and reassuring way that she explains the most simple things. She is brilliant. And then she wrote a book! And I own it. And it is so clever, because it teaches by doing, i.e. it is a series of really cool projects that teach you different skills in each one, starting with a very simple headscarf and gradually getting more complex until by the end of the book, you are pretty much Coco Chanel and can make anything, perfectly.

However, at this point I can say that my love is not entirely unconditional, as I am a little cross. The patterns, as usual, do not go up to anywhere near my size, and, as usual, I’m going to have to grade up every single bloody one. I’m a bit less cross because everyone has to trace the patterns as they are printed on thick double sided card, so that is a bit of an equaliser. I’ll let her off because of her lovely clear design principles, great patterns and dimples.

I plan on making everything, save the headscarf, because I look shit in headscarves. So, project number 1 is the Margot pyjamas. These are good because 1: they are super simple which is ideal for my first pair of trousers and 2: they are designed to be VERY loose fit, so very little grading up is needed. Hooray. They still needed a bit, and somehow I think I have managed to grade the back of the legs bigger than the front meaning the side seam isn’t exactly at the side, but who cares. I really can’t be bothered to trace them again, and they are very comfy.

I made two pairs: the first out of an old children’s Peter Rabbit duvet cover I got in a charity shop and the second in some amazing royal blue brushed cotton from Oh Sew Crafty which has some great cheap fabrics.

Bottom legs of peter rabbit pyjamas

Peter PJ Rabbit

I put the picture above up on facebook, and could not believe the reaction I got. Turns out people are massively nostalgic about Peter Rabbit, and everyone secretly wants a pair of Peter Rabbit PJs. Old and young, boys and girls: they delighted people. They delight me. I was very happy that I could use the duvet design in a  kind of border print manner. I graded these up a little less than I should, so they are a little tight round the bum and tum which is why there isn’t a full view of me in them.  But this is their full glory:

Pretty special

Pretty special

I have been making a lot of stuff for other people recently (to be blogged soon), and find that I am a lot harder on myself which things are not for me. I can be very perfectionist and it can be quite stressful. So after making a batch of toddler dungarees (one pair out of the remainder of the Peter Rabbit fabric, oh yeah) and a sweater thing for my husband, I decided to whip up another pair of breezy Margots to remind me what sewing is all about. I graded these up a little too much and they are enormous, and not massively flattering.Large items in brushed cotton tend not to be. But OMG who cares, they are so COMFY!! I used red seam binding for the drawstring at the waist, and it looks pretty jazzy.

Here I am having a lie down:

Avin a relax

‘Avin’ a relax

And here I am sorting my hair out for the photo and accidentally looking really posy:

Pose Pose

Pose Pose

Pose Pose

Pose Pose

I was surprised how easy this style of trouser is to make, and I was very impressed that putting one leg inside the other and sewing a curve at the crotch seam gave me trousers: what a magical invention! Trousers are so clever! I want to make lots! I also need to remember that these are the simplest trousers in the world and that making trousers that aren’t enormous and that have fly fastenings and things will not be the same. Still, I have now made a dress, a skirt, a shirt and trousers. That’s basically makes me Coco Chanel, right?

And also a rebel: standing on the bed like I just don't care

And also a rebel: standing on the bed like I just don’t care

Note my amazing new scissors necklace from MIY Workshop (everyone accessorizes pyjamas, right?). Also note excellent duvet cover and terrifying clown picture given to us by a cruel friend. My husband loves it: I do not. Please do not note tatty teddy bear I have had since I was 3: unless you have advice on how to repair a threadbare bear. I’m worried I might have to retire her if she gets more threadbare and I can’t bear it.

Anyway. You are supposed to finish blog posts with questions. These are mine:

Have you made any Tilly patterns?

Do you love her as much as me?

Are you passionate about  Peter Rabbit?

How do you feel about clowns?

Do you think it’s ok to only wear pyjamas from now on?


17 thoughts on “Night night

  1. “….and everyone secretly wants a pair of Peter Rabbit PJs…”
    I sell ‘stuff’ online on and the Peter Rabbit stuff fly’s out the window.
    I usually make my pj bottoms out of soft interlock knit – I may have to try a soft, but well-loved sheet next.


  2. Have you made any Tilly patterns? No.

    Do you love her as much as me? No, but I love her energy.

    Are you passionate about Peter Rabbit? No. Maybe. Especially if I could find the material thrifted.

    How do you feel about clowns? Interestingly, the Post office recently released Barnum & Bailey Circus stamps (USA) and many people coughed up their aversion to clowns. As in; VERY SCARED.

    Do you think it’s ok to only wear pyjamas from now on? Yes. They are super comfy when You make them yourself.

    And I did note your excellent duvet cover. Can one find such a thing in America? The land of everything? No. I Want it.

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  3. I like Peter Rabbit and I don’t like clowns. Don’t know why.
    And I have not made any of Tilly’s patterns yet, but maybe I should give them a try. Your pyjamay look like it’s worth it. 😉


  4. I love Peter Rabbit and I don’t like clown. Don’t know why.
    Since now I have not made any of Tilly’s pattern. But maybe I should give them a try, your pyjamas look like it’s worth it. 😉


  5. Clowns are pretty much one of the creepiest things I know.

    Pyjamas, however, are much more awesome! Although I also have Tilly’s book, I’ve only made the headscarf so far and I tied it in a big bow on my flute case so it’s easy to spot should it ever find itself lost in a sea of flute cases. The Delphine skirt is next on my list of items to make. I’m looking forward to seeing if you make any more of Tilly’s creations.


  6. I love the read ribbon on your blue pajama’s – a little design feature that makes them really stylish. I think you should wear them all the time. And I am in awe that you drafted up a pattern, that sounds hard.

    Of all of Tilly’s patterns, I myself have only made a couple of her Coco’s (wearing one now as I type) – which have maddingly pilled (clearly nothing to do with the pattern) . Also I wish I’d figured out about Full Bust Adjustments before I made them as they are quite fitted in my bust and really baggy at my lower back. Ho Hum. I’m also suspicious of her Mathilda blouse, not because it doesn’t look good, but because I’m not convinced I could get it on and off as it does up at the back.

    I could take or leave Peter Rabbit, I prefer Little Grey Rabbit. And the clown picture is really quite sinister, it makes me worry something bad is about to happen in an unexpected Dr Who kind of way..


    • Haha, the clown is AWFUL!!! I need to make the Coco, everyone raves about it, but its a good tip off about the FBA: I’ll probably need to do one too. You never think you need to do them in knits, but sometimes you just do!

      Thanks for noticing my colour coordination: I was rather proud of it!


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